For the mamas

When I became a mum last year I immediately saw mothers in a completely different light. A super-hero style glowing one. Every single day in those early months I called and texted mums I knew – my sisters-in-law, my best friends and colleagues – and said ‘you’re amazing!’ ‘you survived this!’ ‘why didn’t you tell me how hard this is!?” I also apologised profusely. ‘I’m so sorry I bought the kids those musical instruments!’ ‘I cant believe I didn’t cook for you!’

The beginning can be really hard and overwhelming. There’s hormones and a tiny stranger in your house, and only you have the answers. Except, you don’t!

But then you learn. Every day you find them. And so many of my answers came from other mums. Those amazing, incredible women in my life.

And as the weeks passed and life became easier (and more awesome by the minute!) and that tiny stranger became my beloved little side kick, my appreciation of mothers grew and grew.

I’ve only been a mummy for 9 months and already my heart explodes for the amazingness of mothers. I know this will double, quadruple and more in the years to come. Mothers have survived sleepless nights, temperatures, bumps, bruises, illnesses and much worse. They’ve cleaned and changed and cooked. Juggled, jiggled, wrapped and cuddled. They’ve taught, listened and most importantly they love. Despite the whispers of worry and guilt, there’s always love.

So to all those wonderful, caring mamas, I take my hat off to you. You are doing and have done, an incredible job.

You made a human.

You are amazing.


To my mum Sandy, I love you.