Hannah’s Moroccan 30th

Styling by Alexis Teasdale

Styling assistant: Alex Whiting

Photography: Lauren Trompp

When beautiful Hannah got in touch with The Festive Co and said she wanted a theme party for her 30th birthday, well, I was on board!

No one loves a theme like I do, and this one was right up my alley. With rich, bright colours, oodles of flowers, sweet treats, bubbles galore, tons of fairy lights and even touches of gold sparkle, it was everything I love about parties, in one place.

We started with a magical Moroccan-style tent in the backyard. Using a small pop-up tent, perfect for a small courtyard, it was completely hand draped with gold, cream and pink fabrics. Fairy lights on copper wire twinkled throughout, plus, because I LOVE flowers, we added strings of calendula to the entrance, as well as lots of rugs and cushions for guests to get comfy on.


Flowers were a must and covered every surface. Deborah Leah sourced us incredible hot pink roses, sweet peas, bright orange calendulas, carnations, jonquils and tulips. I hand sprayed jars to make them a mottled gold, and added old tin jars and cups collected from market stalls. They were filled to the brim with gorgeous blooms and thanks to the jonquils, the whole house smelt heady and heavenly.


The gorgeous gold cake was made by the talented Anita from Neeta Cake. Painted gold on the bottom layer, with gold ‘sequins’ on top and gorgeous orchids from Deborah, it was elegant and luxe without being over the top.




It wouldn’t  be a Festive Co party without a little fun which came in the form of the Henna station! Hura from Henna by Hura transformed guests hands, shoulders and arms with intricate and beautiful designs, all different and unique, with added sparkle and colour –  in minutes!



Raphael, from French Fare made delicious food that was presented so beautifully you almost couldn’t bear to eat it! With the waiters (complete with Fez hats) passing around the fare on canvases painted with balsamic, it all added to the fancy vibe of the event.


The outside bar featured a pomegranate and tea cocktail, while inside, we set up a Champagne Station laden with goodies to add to glasses of bubbles, including my home made Rosewater syrup.






The gorgeous birthday girl in the most incredible outfit…



And shoes!!



150530_Hannah's30th_210 2

Anything that starts with ‘A’ party
Styling by Alexis Teasdale

I can’t resist an opportunity for a costume party, and my 30th was the ideal excuse. My friends and family went all out with some outrageously Awesome costumes. 

Someone even came dressed as astro turf. Astro Turf!
I went as Australia and whipped up a clip-on-koala covered headpiece to go with my flag dress. 

There were giant glitter letters spelling out ‘Gimme An A’, tassled balloons from Bespoke Ballonery, a seriously incredible photobooth paper roll, crafted by Written By Hand, late night ‘A’ themed snack packs, and CD’s made by best best friend, featuring only bands whose names start with A.









Last minute Christmas table
Styling by Alexis Teasdale
I live interstate and head down to my parents place for Chrissie every other year. The only problem is it most often that only leaves a day or so to whip up the table (which I hog being a bit of a style control freak lover.) This year I only had a few hours to get organised and mum had the brilliant idea to use real pine branches as our runner.
I must admit, I thought it was one of those good-in-theory, hard-to-execute ideas, but she insisted so off dad and I went to trim branches off their enormous pine trees. With some fiddling, a handful of red baubles and a lick of gold spray paint on the
pinecones it turned out to be one of our favourite tables yet.
Mum really does know best.
New Years ‘garden’ party
Styling by Alexis Teasdale
A few years back I got it into my head that I wanted to throw a 40’s Pimms-style garden party. Small problem, I dont have a garden. In fact, I live on the top floor of an art deco apartment with nary even a balcony. Nothing a little astro-turf couldnt fix.
 I found some vintage gnomes, painted plastic ‘fencing’ from Bunnings and hung a little faux ivy,  plenty of fairy lights and told everyone to dress in white.
It was so festive, we did it three years in a row.
My best friends hens day
Styling by Alexis Teasdale
My BFF is a style-master, so I will admit, planning her hens day had me in high-gear to say the least. I went with the more-is-more theory with a photobooth complete with vintage wedding dresses, canvas goodie bags designed with all the guests names on it, a craft area, disposable cameras, late night snack packs and an ‘Amazing Race’ themed iPad slideshow that she had to complete to get to
the afternoon tea.
Oh, and I reinvented the indoor garden.

SHOP Til You Drop team day

Styling by Alexis Teasdale
Photography by Maree Homer

The SHOP lifestyle team transformed our annual bonding day into a shoot for our 2012 party issue. It was a 5:30am start, was overcast, muddy (it had bucketed with rain the day before) and was officially the hardest day of my career to date. You wont see myself or Amy in any of the shots, we were behind the scenes making it all look like sunshine and lolly pops. At one point I was army-rolling in the dirt to save the furniture from getting messy.
But gee it was worth it. One of all-time my favourite shoots and the marvelous Maree Homer made seriously magic ‘sun’ happen in the pics, all using natural light. So clever.

SHOP Til You Drop Magazine
Christmas 2012
Styling Alexis Teasdale
So SHOP ‘Til You Drop loves a party. And this Christmas the theme was… you gussed it, shopping!
We made up Team SHOP calico bags, decked out Barino Chino (a delicious Mexican restaurant in Sydney’s Potts Point) with shopping bags, and made it dress up as a fashion icon, of course. Oh and I made Amy/Karl a ‘Chanel’ hoop bag out of wire. Not easy.
Christmas 2012
Styling by Alexis Teasdale
This one was my first Christmas at my sister-in-law’s place and I offered to style the tables. Then panicked. How would I get enough trinkets and treats to Melbourne? What would I do about flowers? So I decided to do a runner of candles so I wouldnt have to fuss with blooms on the day. I jam-packed my cases with linens, novelty candles, crackers and a personalised bauble for each guest.
Not bad for a styling-from-the-suitcase job, I thought.
Greaster 2012
Styling by Alexis Teasdale and Amy Starr
So I’m half Greek which means I get two Easters – win! This was a very last minute style job – Amy and I decided we wanted ‘grass-like’ material on the Saturday afternoon. Quick trip to Spotlight and we were set.
Justine’s Hens photo booth
 Styling by Alexis Teasdale & Amy Starr
Damn I love a photo booth. This was the first Amy and I attempted on a boat  – a tad tricky with the constant motion but I tell ya, even if you only get a handful of winners (and we had plenty more than that), photo booth pics are a hoot. I made up black cardboard speech bubbles and we wrote on them in chalk pens.
Simple. Inexpensive. FUN.