My baby shower!

Styling by Alexis Teasdale & Amy Starr
Photos by Alana Landsberry

You know me, any excuse for a party and what better reason than having a baby!
Below is some of the fun from the #Tinyteasdale celebration.

Donuts from The Flaky Tart in Rose Bay.

Instead of traditional baby gifts my gorgeous friends and family gave ‘Tiny Teasdale’ a copy of their favourite childhood books so I could start a library- I’m a total bookworm! My colleague Alex created book plates for my friends to fill in so I’ll always remember who gifted them to us.

Don’t even get me started on my incredible cake by Sweet Mama Cakes! I’d asked lovely Leane for a single layer sponge, covered in Hundreds & Thousands to match our confetti theme. She gave me so much more.
I ended up with a ‘Funfetti’ (Leane’s name for it!)cake that, when I cut into it spilled out an avalanche of mini M&M’s, like a pinata!
It was a total surprise and so, so thoughtful. Since then I’ve seen other people request the same kind of Funfetti cake from Leane on Instagram (where it was a massive hit!) – so cool.
Funfetti Cake by Sweet Mama Cakes
The legend that is my best friend Amy Starr, organised so many awesome elements for the day like the ‘Make a Mobile’ area where guests painted discs to hang in the baby’s room, and the ‘Make a Memory’ station that had little white frames with confetti backgrounds for people to add their Polaroid pics to.And those STUNNING confetti party hats? That’s her. She meticulously glued each jumbo piece of confetti by hand for the perfect colour combinations. Hello, attention to detail!
I love having things to do at events, so I booked a cartoon artist – a nod to our wedding where we had one also – and Dani Vittz was super speedy and so talented.
We held the party at Mrs Sippy Bar and Restaurant in Double Bay, Sydney. The upstairs private room was the perfect size for our party of 30 (and I’m a bit obsessed with the colourful geometric-printed wall.) The staff were incredible and didn’t mind us rocking up at 9am for set-up (not to mention the endless balloon deliveries and props we lugged in there.)
Cookies by Sweet Mama Cakes
Amy and my Nouna (my Greek godmother) totally smashed the take-home goodie bags. The calico ‘T’ totes included giant Bath Brew tea bags from  Page Thirty Three, boxes of Pukka tea, and homemade goodies by Nouna including ‘T’ shaped cookies and Turkish delight, Tiny Teddies in jars, a tea light candle and ‘Temper Tantrum Tonic’ – a lemon vodka drink to calm nerves haha. Seriously, what legends.
Cookies by Sweet Mama Cakes
YAY mini foil balloons from Poppies For Grace
Nouna’s  ‘T’ cookies
One of the most special parts of the day was having gorgeous photographer Alana Landsberry capture it all. Amy and I have had the privilege of working with her for many years and she photographed both of our weddings. She was SO generous to shoot the baby shower on her OWN birthday no less, and snapped all the fun in photos that I’ll always cherish.

Like I said, I’m the luckiest.

 Chic Baby Shower

Styling and photography: Alexis Teasdale

This particular shower was all about a laid back arvo with friends. No games or baby stuff, and instead lots of champers, mocktails and delicious treats.

Buuuut it’s me, so of course there had to be a few more details than that!

My jumping off point was the baby’s last name… Cherry! Of course there had to be cherry themed food and Poppy’s Pantry Catering made a seriously amazing afternoon tea. As well as the chocolate cherry-cream cake, there was a cherry-ripe slice, cherry cheesecake panacotta and cherry tomato caprese bites.


A mocktail and bellini bar with some fun fruits and juices was the perfect place to pour a tipple.



Instead of games there was a flower market where guests could make crowns or baby bunches to take home.



And as a gift for the baby, blocks with handwritten messages from the mum’s nearest and dearest.


It wouldn’t be right for the baby to get a present and not the mum! In the lead up, I asked her friends and family for their favourite recipes. They sent me dishes they loved as a kid, or ones that were passed down from their mums, dads or grandparents. I compiled them all into a book for Kate, and it was one of the most heartwarming jobs! So many sweet words and memories.





Yaz’s baby shower
Styling by Alexis Teasdale

Writer, health coach and founder of thehappinesscocktail Yaz is one of the most upbeat, positive women I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. When she asked me to help put together her baby shower, I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Her brief was a little nautical with a touch of chevron and seeing as she knew she was having a baby boy, lots of blue too!
I whipped up a baby bingo game, my favourite photo booth to date with a pinwheel backdrop and matching name badges. The Wholesome Kitchen catered, Hello Naomi made gorgeous little cookies and Written By Hand created the blackboard signage.


The sun was shining, and it was a truly perfect day.


original photos