adjective: festive: cheerful and jovially celebratory.

▪ synonyms: ▪jolly, merry, joyful, happy, jovial, light-hearted, cheerful, cheery, jubilant, good-time, high-spirited, gleeful, uproarious, rollicking, backslapping, hilarious; carnival;

At The Festive Co, we’re all about making life more of the above. More cheerful and jovial! Full of jubilation and rollicking good times! We love celebrations, and glitter drops and confetti canons. Styling, creating and dreaming.

You’ll find all manner of Festive fun here. Like DIY ideas, party inspiration, styling tricks, interviews with ridiculously inspiring and festive people (coming soon!) irresistible new homewares and cheeky ways to make life more awesome all ’round.

So grab a cuppa, coffee or cocktail, snuggle into the couch, and get ready for a very Festive adventure indeed.

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